Who We Are


Douglas Signature Homes is a boutique custom home & spec development company dedicated to building quality for our customers. We pride ourselves in putting the customer first, we listen to our customers’ needs and are committed to continuous improvement.  Douglas Signature Homes is active in Briarwood, Lakewood, Preston Hollow and other surrounding areas of Dallas.  We have over 28 years of residential real estate experience combined, ranging from single family new construction homes, home renovations to Class-A multifamily developments.


Exquisite work done by an accomplished builder, trusted trade providers, and experienced build management team! Overall, my wife and I could not be happier with Douglas Signature Homes designing and building our dream home. The building experience was very professional, openly transparent and thoughtfully conscience of our design concepts. Their attention to detail and speed of delivery truly exceeded our expectations. My family would wholeheartedly recommend Douglas Signature Homes to anyone looking to build a memorable, custom, dream home.

- David / Lakewood